Our Mission is to Inspire Optimal Health & Wellness through: Empowerment, Education, Coaching, and Training in a safe and Non-Intimidating Atmosphere.


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Tonya Tittle – Owner/Director of Training

Tonya holds a masters degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in Exercise Science. She is an ACSM-certified personal trainer with over 23 years experience in the fitness industry.



Mark Tittle – Owner/Part-Time CEO

Mark is a sales rep for Siemens Healthcare. While that job keeps him busy, he also holds the above title at Energy Fitness. He always wanted his own business and when Mark married Tonya he always said he wanted to “exploit her knowledge and expertise”.



Lisa Sanchez – Certified Personal Trainer

Lisa Sanchez graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in Theatre Arts. Coming from a dance back-ground, she became certified as an aerobic instructor and a personal trainer.



Abel Albonetti – Certified Personal Trainer

Abel has a business degree as well as a part-time fitness model. Abel has a strong passion for fitness as well as motivating and helping others achieve their goals.




Felix Pesce – Certified Personal Trainer

Felix Pesce has been devoted to fitness for over 17 years. After gaining weight early in life, he developed a workout program which resulted in fat loss and muscle gain.



Arin Levy

Arin Levy – Certified Personal Trainer

Arin is interested in all areas of fitness–from exercising, to eating well to disease prevention.



Support Staff

Jennifer Medeiros – Support Staff

Jennifer recently relocated to Memphis from Maine with her husband & her two teenage children.



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